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Friday, October 10, 2014

Ah, work.

Started the new job on Monday. Enjoying it so far, but I'm still in the indoctrination phase. The people, some of who I knew from my time in the Navy, are welcoming, so that's making it easier.

But, you know, that job thing tends to make that car thing take a back seat. So, even though it provides a money stream to feed the beast, it means no work on the car all week. I did push it into the garage on Tuesday night (easier and quicker than getting it started since she's still not tuned up) because we were expecting strong T-storms overnight (nothing, of course) and I didn't want my tarps blowing off. She fit well with ample room front and back. The sides may be a bit tight if I want to get into anything extreme (due to stuff on the garage walls), but I think I will be able to work on it just fine if I need to. No heat in my garage and winter is coming, so that may be a fleeting wish.

I got my new heater return pipe (goes from the water pump to the back of the block) and a new valve cover (with the vent pipe...and original oil cap!) from High Point Imports. Those guys have been great! Those things along with a MK 2 water pump housing and I'm that much closer to piping in the heater. I'm having significant problems finding good pictures (or ones that make sense) of how that stuff is supposed to be piped in, however. And, I thought with my intake manifold that the line coming off the manifold just "plugged" right into the valve cover. However, I can't find any pictures like that...they all run from the manifold to the air filter "box", which is long gone.

Thought that hose (with that snazzy vacuum gage) ran right to the valve cover?
I ordered some stuff from SpitBits and that should be here on Monday (UPS says that's when to expect it, so I guess they don't observe Columbus Day?). In that box will be my emergency (or hand, I guess is more proper) brake parts to get that all rebuilt and some various other bits and pieces including a new windshield seal. I may just wait now until either a very sunny and warm-ish day to get the rubber nice and pliable or wait until spring when those days happen more often. Since I'm paying for this one, I don't really want to ruin it.

Otherwise, nothing else going on. My line on a new tub has been verified but I still need to secure transportation for it. I have a lead on a "friend of a friend" which doesn't always tend to work out, but supposedly he works for beer. In my experience, those kind of guys tend to work out just fine!

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