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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Strip Search (or Tease, whichever you prefer)

Today was my first day off after working 13 days straight. The overtime is great, but I needed a break to spend with the family. I also wanted to do some work on the car, of course!

I focused on stripping down the black tub. I was happy to get quite a bit done, though there is still more to do. I tried to work back to front for the most part and started with the rear bumpers as well as the tail light assemblies. I tried to get the license plate light off but the screws were fairly well rusted. And, it wasn't until later that I figured out there were nuts on the other end of those screws. So, I applied a liberal amount of WD-40 and I'll get to them the next time.

The rear mainly stripped...forgot to pull out the soft top frame.
I pulled the four doors (two that were a part of the car and two more that the PO included) out of the tub (yes, out, not off, as they were being stored in there) and I will move them up to the attic soon. The steel hardtop was relocated to the red car along with the windscreen, which I put across the steel hardtop.

Wiring harness, dash and heater...that's about it. You can see one of the PO-supplied spare doors in the background.
I was also able to pull the wipers, wiper motor and associated hardware (this was a confusing dis-assembly...I'll have to figure that out eventually). I was also pulling rubber grommets out as I went, after snapping pictures of them, of course. Some of the rubber was in good shape...others not so much. I do intend to replace all of the rubber, however, but I'm sure the pics will help in determining what I need to order when it comes to it.

Rubber plug and fabric pad (?) that goes under gas tank. Plug covers access to frame hold-down bolt.
I re-located the bonnet from the driver's side of the car, standing up, to the front of it, standing up. This allows me to cover it while also allowing me to get to the driver's side of the car, so a better spot.

I didn't even try to get the rear differential off the frame again. The way I see it, especially after beating on it for a while with the sledge, is that I'll have to cut the frame apart. Since I don't want to do that until I KNOW that the red frame is good or at least repairable, it may be a while. But, I doused it with WD-40 again and we'll see what happens.

Almost clean. The red car hangs out in the garage.

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