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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Triumph Spitfire Body Removal Preparation #5

Slowly but surely. But damn if I didn't forget to do that throttle linkage again! Regardless, another few steps closer to body removal. The stuff that I'm doing now is mostly focused on weather protection (the body will be stored outdoors during a harsh New England winter) and while none of it is required, it is all desired.

I cut off the bottom of the rivets that hold the door check straps to the door, so those will have to be replaced. Someone much smarter than I has come up with what seems to be a removable version that SpitBits sells...good idea. Those are now on my wish list. Also, I discovered that the the driver's side door check strap guide was busted. That explains some denting on the driver's side bonnet.

Driver's side door check strap guide...missing top portion and showing damage because of it (left of hole).

Passenger's side door check strap guide...what it should look like. 
Also, one of the tabs where the check strap rivet passes through the driver's side door was also busted. Years and years of use for both, I presume.

The bottom tab in this picture, but on driver's side, was broken. Spot-weld repair...fun, fun!
The check strap guide replacement is readily available, but, for the door, I think I'll have to steal one off of one of the other four doors that I have. Easy sourcing, but it will be interesting to weld it in!

Once the doors were out, I pulled the windows winders and door handles. They both use tapered pins that will, therefore, only push out one way. There are also two holes, 90-degrees opposed to the pin (why...I have no idea) that head-fake you into thinking the pin is in there...it's not.

Pushing down on window winder escutcheon (iˈskəCHənto get at pin.

Window winder and tapered pin...it will only come out one way.
The two bonnet latch catches (left) and the two door check straps (right) along with the door check seal clips (top-ish center).

Driver's side door.
If you have been keeping up over the last year or so, you know that I retired from the Navy and got a job at Electric Boat shipyard teaching nuclear theory. Well, the parking there sucks and it is only getting worse as they hire more people (turns out the submarine industry is booming). They also don't like to paint parking spaces that respect the size of most cars these days (i.e., pickup trucks). Needless to say, my Fit got swiped the other day. Fortunately, the person who hit me was honest and I actually walked out while they were calling their insurance company to report it. Anyway, for what I think amounts to a loss of some clear coat and several minutes of buffing, their insurance company sent me a check for almost $1300. There are so many dings in my Fit now that I don't really care and my poor Spitfire needs so much sheet metal...$1300 would about cover it!

I've also decided to start divesting myself of some unneeded parts. So, if you are in the market for some Mk1 or Mk2 Spitfire parts, especially non-engine or transmission stuff, I may be a resource for you. I appear to have a taker on the hardtop, but there is more that can go. Drop me a line in the comments and I'll see if I have it. If I didn't pay money for it, I won't make you pay for it, either, except for shipping.


  1. heyy,
    I've just encountered your blog. Very helpful for Spit restoration! I'm currently restoring Spit MKIV '73 and basically we're at the same stage (I'm about to remove the body and the engine is already out). Will be watching your progress.
    cheers from Poland!

  2. Poland!? Wow, that's awesome. Glad you are enjoying it. Been a bit slow lately, but I'm hoping that it will pick back up soon! Thanks for reading.

  3. Thanks for your blog. I am having a problem with my broken driver door check strap as well. Haynes and spitfire manual don't cover it. What holds the strap in the hole in door jam area? I must be missing something there...
    I am looking for a soft top frame for my 70 Spitfire. Happen to have it?
    Michelle Griffith

    1. Hi, Michelle. Thanks for posting. I had about 6 spot welds that held the entire check strap assembly in the door jam. A much more recent post of mine (http://spitfire66.blogspot.com/2017/07/triumph-spitfire-body-repair-5-floor.html) documents it. Hopefully this works for you. Let me know if you have any questions.
      As for a soft top frame, I do not. With the advent of the Mk3 (which I believe was the model in 1970) Triumph went to a soft top that was always "installed" and folded back into the rear of the passenger compartment. My car, a Mk2, and the earlier models had a soft top that was fully removed and was stored in the boot!