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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Announcing Roundtail Restoration - the website!

I took the plunge and started my own website, Roundtail Restoration. It is definitely a work in progress and I'm sure there will be broken links and general disorganization, but it's all mine. I've exported this blog, from the previous post to the first, to it.

(10/1/17) I've gotten comfortable enough with the Wordpress way of doing things that I will no longer be updated both sites in parallel. To keep up with my progress (or lack thereof), please visit my blog at Roundtail Restoration!

So, please feel free to take a look and contact me via email if you have any comments or criticisms or find anything broken.

I will be maintaining the YouTube channel as I'm sure, even with a dedicated URL, it will be the better place to host that stuff anyway.

So, head on over to Roundtail Restoration and take a look! You're comments and continued support are appreciated!