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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Triumph Spitfire Body Repair #45 - Rear Wing(s) Completion

Another good bit of work at the garage this week. I short-cycled it and got over there on Monday. Before I offer up the video, however, I'd like to mention that YouTube changed their monetization policies today. In the past, I was eligible to earn money with my videos and while I haven't gotten a check yet, I thought it would be a good way to offset some of my restoration costs. Effective February 18th, however,  I need at least 1000 subscribers and a watch time of 4000 hours over a 12-month period to maintain eligibility.

That's a drastic change  and I don't meet either requirement as of today. While I'm confident I could meet the watch time, I need to nearly quadruple my subscribers to maintain eligibility. So, if you don't currently subscribe to my YouTube channel and you enjoy my videos, I ask that you subscribe.

Ok, enough of that...to the video!

My goals this visit were to finish up the rear wing areas. This involved making a new patch piece for the front of the passenger's side and then finishing up the welding  on the front and rear of the driver's sides.

I wasn't real happy with the status of the patch that I had for the front of the passenger's rear wing, so I made a new one in an attempt at a better product. It worked!

The patch area all primed up.

Same place, different view angle.

I used my metal brake and shrinker/stretcher to fabricate the new piece from a single piece of metal. By the way, one thing that I learned, having not really thought about it up until it wasn't working, is that the shrinker/stretcher  doesn't work well if the metal is painted. The jaws have very small grooves that grip the metal to deform it. I found that paint prevents the grooves from catching resulting in no stretching. While this happened a few times even after getting the paint off, it was much, much worse painted. Important safety tip...

New piece with plug weld holes and primer on edges.

New piece, inside view with it all primed up.

Once the paint was dry all around, it was time to do a final fit (as usual, many trail fittings and metal trimmings preceded this point) and get it tacked in.

A clamp on the flange and magnets for the top.

Clamp for the inside flange, too.

And with that, I took the welder to it and made it permanent-like. I had good success welding again, paying particular attention this time for weld area cleanliness and proper gap to prevent warpage. Worked out pretty well!

All nice and pretty.

Then it  was on to the other side, which I worked on forever ago. I finished welding that in and got it cleaned up as well. No real work here, just welding.

Final welds on the driver's side.

In addition, I finished up the small area of welding remaining around the tail light area on that side, as well. Again, no real work, just welding.

Final welds around driver's tail light.

Finally for the night I finished welding in the battery box. I'm not real crazy about how this went as my plug weld holes were really big given that I used my spot weld cutter to remove them and I developed a bit of a gap between the bulkhead "floor" and the battery box. I figure as long as I get some good seam sealer on it, it'll be fine, but I would have preferred a cleaner result.

Battery box done. The horrible picture mimics the result.

That was about it. My video goes into much more of the fabrication of the repair patch with both the metal brake and shrinker. Otherwise, I took care of a lot of small jobs. There's still some grinding to do on all of these welds areas...

Initial grinding of the rear, rear wing patch. Some of it actually came down flush!

...but the grunt work is done. I got my new rear valance from Rimmer Bros. today. It requires some work as there are no holes for the rear flashers  or license plate light nor is the license plate light strengthener in there. So, I'll have to use Dorothy's original to make templates, but that should be too bad.  In any case, I will fully document the adventure!

Oh, and no sightings of my garage buddy this time...oh well.

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