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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Triumph Spitfire Body Repair #53 - Done?

I got ahead of myself in the last post and documented more repairs than the video documented. That's what you get when you wait so long to update your blog, so sorry about that.
Anyway, I think I have accomplished the last of my body repairs. Except for some minor hole filling  and some odds and ends that I'm sure I missed, I really cannot think of anything else...well, unless I decide to redo that bulkhead patch. To the video:

One portion I fixed was where the driveshaft tunnel connected to the heel board. My investigation told me that the factory did not adequately spot weld this area and, with all of my moving and welding and all, I popped a few of them. So, with my trusty sheet metal screws and welder, I took care of that problem.

Area of concern is top of tunnel curve. You can see where the metal is separating.

The gap prior to repair.

After repairs...nice and tight (trust me, it's better).

I also re-did the exhaust hanger coming off the boot floor because I messed it up the first time. I couldn't see underneath then since the wings weren't in existence yet. An easy repair, none-the-less.

Drilled out and re-installed.

With that done, I moved on to the heater core interface with the body. As you may expect, this isn't always a dry area and rust had eaten away at the existing passenger's side of the pipe penetration and some of the fan flange. Because I'm a dork, I didn't photographically document this worth a sh*t, but there you go. As usual, the video does it justice.


Fortunately, and has been the case, this area of the black car was just fine and I cut the patch from it quite a while ago and finally got around to getting it welded in. A satisfying repair, I must say.  Cheers!

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