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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Triumph Spitfire Paint #7 - Some Re-Work and, Yes, More Prep

The evening (and the video) focused on some re-work, so that's what this post will focus on as well.

The re-work I focused on was revisiting the front deck where I put in a repair patch near the master cylinders. I was never all that happy with my work here as I rushed and distorted the metal due to welding heat. This resulted in a very wavy repair that also had some thin spots from grinding away so much weld bead to smooth it out.

The "finished" repair, prior to rework. Looks okay, but it's not.

I didn't want to remove the entire repair because the area around the outer edge wasn't too bad and it would have been a real pain to remove, as well as probably causing some incidental damage. So, I figured out the worst part of the repair, with the most heat damage, and cut it out in a square to make the repair patch easier to fabricate.

Just that easy.

With that, I made a template, cleaned up some metal, and cut the repair patch out.

Template taped to metal in preparation for cutting.

Patch held in with magnets, ready to weld.

I welded it in slowly, with several shots of compressed air throughout to keep it all cool. I'm happy with the repair now, but didn't take a final picture, so you'll have to see it in the video.

I also briefly worked on the dent in the rear sail plate that I dealt with in the previous post. I bit more hammer and dolly work. It needs a bit more, but it's getting better all the time.

Just a bit of light shining through.

With that, I put on my Tyvek suit so I wouldn't come home an absolute mess and continued taking sandpaper and red ScotchBrite pads to the interior.

A spider decided to use the folds in my suit legs as a nest.

The night went on that way, getting it as cleaned up as possible and ready for paint.

Under the rear sail plate. Lots of surface rust under here that didn't want to come out.

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