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Thursday, September 20, 2018

38th Annual British Motorcar Gathering & Picnic

Getting behind a bit in my posts, lately. Finally, however, here is the quick post about my "local" Vintage Triumph Register-affiliated club's annual car show. The Connecticut Triumph Register held their 38th annual show at beautiful Wickham park in Manchester, CT.

I volunteered to help out and ended up working the raffle ticket stand, which was fun. I got to meet several fellow Triumph and British car enthusiasts and owners. I didn't take any video footage but did get several pictures. The link above for the show itself is the club's post about it, which includes many more.

All in all a great show with a good showing by Spitfires and GT6s and most other British marques.

The Spitfire / GT6 area. Good showing!

Old Jag.

Pretty white walls. Car was very clean.

Supercharged TR6.

Best in Show (TR6).

Another nice TR6.

Highly modified Spitfire with Toyota engine.

Interior of same Spitfire. Not my taste, but very well done.

Mk3 Spitfire with overdrive.

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