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Sunday, January 27, 2019

Final (?) Bonnet Putty Work and Starting The Body - Bulkhead | Roundtail Restoration

I may not get over to the garage this weekend (I did), so just in case I decided to put out a video on just one visit over to the garage.

I had intended to finish up the blocking of the glazing putty on the bonnet and get it in epoxy primer, but with the cold snap (the high was 7F on Monday, the day of my visit) the heat just didn't cut it. The Southern Polyurethanes' technical manual requires a metal and paint temperature of at least 65F and my paint was 63F and the metal was about 64F. So, while close, I wasn't going to take the chance.

Also on Monday, right before I left for the garage, UPS dropped off my most recent order from Rimmer Bros.; a new main and body wiring harness and headlamp harness.

The main harness.

The body harness.

The headlight harness.

With their sale, all together this ran me about $270, shipped. To buy it domestically would have run me north of $400 so, while like I've said I'd rather not send my money overseas, that's a big savings with which I can buy more parts!

The glazing putty blocked out easily and looked pretty good when I was done. There were a few spots that I went back to and put some more on, mostly around the center spine, but I'm happy with how straight the bonnet has come out. I'm sure there are still spots somewhere on there that aren't great, but I wasn't seeing them.

Head on.

Side view.

With that done, I moved back to the bulkhead and worked that some more. I put fiberglass filler in areas that I had missed for added strength and regular filler in areas where I wanted to cover up the pitting.

Fiberglass filler around the battery box repair.

Fiberglass filler where I repaired the bulkhead several years ago.
"Regular" filler for the pits.

I also did some hammer dolly work on the ledge next to the master cylinder mounting area. That area is still a mess, but it's better.


That was about it. A single visit, so not a whole lot of work done. However, I was able to sneak over there on Friday and for most of the morning on Saturday, so that post will be coming shortly!

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