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Monday, June 10, 2019

Spraying 2K Build Primer | Roundtail Restoration


Oh, while I'm thinking of it, I've started a new YouTube playlist focusing on lessons learned and tips. It won't be anything Earth shattering but just random recollections of things I've picked up along the way. There is only one video as of now, but I hope to add them at irregular intervals. And they should be pretty short, as well. Here's the first in which I also give you a bit of my background:

Getting back to the progress, as the title suggests, I got some 2K build primer on both the back of the tub and on the inside of the bonnet. I did several other things too, of course.

End results of epoxy on the driver's seat.

And these are the front bumper brackets. I plan on putting them in Raptor Liner, too.

I also figured out since the last visit that I had put the steering column switches in on the wrong sides. Turns out the headlight switch goes where modern cars have their turn signals (at least in the USA) and the turn signal on the other side. I wonder how many times I'll turn the headlights on to make a right turn?

Also, if you remember, none of the adhesive that I had tried up to that point had worked. For the first time in my life, I bought some JB Weld. I'm not sure if that's saying anything or not, but it worked, of course, so I was happy!

Much better.

I also took another crack at recovering one of the crash pads under the dash. This one came out pretty good and I'll probably take it. The transition from the foam strip to the metal still has some vinyl bunching up on me. I may revisit, but we'll see.

Not perfect, but better. 

With that done, I moved on to getting the underside of the bonnet and the back of the body in 2K build primer. The reason for doing the underside of the bonnet again was an attempt to level off the inside where I didn't take it all to bare metal. As for the body, this would be the first time it was put into build primer.

In the video, I go extensively into how to mix the stuff and other information germane to the 2K build primer. I won't go into here, but if you want to watch that stuff, you can link to the portion of the video right here. Very briefly, the stuff mixes 4:1 (instead of 1:1 like the epoxy), there is no induction time, the pot life is short (30-45 minutes) and I spray it a bit slower than epoxy. You also need a larger spray tip because the stuff is really thick; I use a 2.2mm one.

The bonnet.

Driver's side.

Passenger's side.

At the very end of the visits, I break out one of my seat covering kits and show you a lot of that. I really just wanted to mess with it as I'll need to be serious when I'm ready to go at it. Unlike the crash pads, I'm afraid I'll only get one crack at the seats so I want to study up and make sure I give myself the best chance of doing it right the first time.

I promise that I will do a full, dedicated video on that when I get there. That's all for now. Cheers!

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