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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

The TR4 Era, Pt. 1 - 2021 Video Dump | Roundtail Restoration

Well, after a long hiatus, I've decide to revive the blog a bit. A few reasons for this:
First, if you aren't a regular viewer of my YouTube channel, you may not know that I acquired a new project a bit over a year ago, a 1964 Triumph TR4. It's a numbers-matching car that is in better overall shape than my Spitfire was, but still requires extensive work (new floors, sills, engine work, chassis, etc.). I consider the TR4 a "next level" car as compared to the Spitfire, so I'll be taking extra special care to do this one right, along with all of my lessons learned from the Spitfire.

She followed me home!

Second, I have found that this blog keeps me disciplined with being more meticulous about recording what I'm doing in photographs vice just video. I've tried to make an effort with the TR4 to take more pictures, especially during disassembly. While I was better to start, I've been slipping lately so I hope that having to update this blog in my normal way, I'll be more mindful of taking pictures and noting things I do.

Finally, I had the Spitfire to her first car show on June 5th (British by the Sea) and was lucky enough to pick up Best in Class. That was a good shot in the arm and another reason to more closely document the restoration of the TR4.

That's a beer mug trophy in front of the windscreen. Awesome!

For now, I'm going to just provide links to the videos that I've done about the TR4 so far. There have been about 20 of them so you'll find links to them all below. Of course, you can just visit my YouTube channel and find them directly, but for convenience, they are listed below.

Thanks, as always, for everyone's support, readership, and viewership. I'll try to keep up with this and make it worth your time. Feel free to drop me an email or leave a comment. Cheers!

Here's the videos for 2021. 2022

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