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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

There Can Only Be One...Unfortunately

**WARNING - This post contains images of blunt trauma. Viewer discretion advised!**

Only one bolt/nut between me and the tub lifting off the frame. And, of course, it seems to be one of those that is going to be a real P.I.t.A. The four bolts that were holding the radio riser to the tub (which actually bolt through the tub into the frame) were the ones that were really throwing me off. I got them off and then the frame and tub were obviously detached as I could lift the tub and it came right up. However, before this, I knew the driver's side rear radius arm was going to have to be disconnected from one of its attachment points.

The Culprit
The PO had already removed the bolt attaching the radius arm to the vertical link on the passenger's side. That same bolt on the drivers side, though, was rounded off and there is no room to beat it with a hammer to try and coax it through the hole.

I moved up to where the radius arm attaches to the tub. This bolt/nut is in good shape and I could loosen it, but I could not get it to slide through the bushing and out. According to the forum, the bolt is most likely rusted to the sleeve that you cannot see inside the rubber bushing (makes sense). So, bang all you want, but she isn't moving. I put a bunch of WD-40 on it before I knew about the sleeve, but I don't think that it will wick its way all the way where I need it to make the rusted sleeve loosen up, however. Since I do not own a torch to apply a little heat, it's either a hacksaw or...a hacksaw. I'll pick the appropriate end (tub or vertical link) when I get a better look with destruction and sacrifice in mind.

Of course, this discovery did not come without injury. This is probably my worst since I started tearing this car and the other apart. Left skin and hair, this time. The ratchet slipped off the bolt head on the radius arm at the tub and, well, the result is what you see below. The wife is none-too happy. I think I should probably go get a tetanus shot.

The offending corner, with my arm hair and some skin. Nice and rusty!
The resulting wound on the inside of my forearm. Should have taken it before the blood filled the hole.
It doesn't look too bad and it's only about the diameter of a pencil eraser. Unfortunately, it's also about as deep as that eraser is tall, though, so...yeah. It's smarted a little. I love this stuff!!

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