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Friday, August 11, 2017

Triumph Spitfire Body Repair #12 - Front Lower Rear Wing and Some Door Fitment

The saga continues...I fight with measurements on the door and trying to do comparisons on the passenger's side. Here's the pertinent video:

As part of the fitment problems, I really concentrate on driver's versus passenger's side arrangement. My logic being that 1) Both were identical coming out of Coventry, 2) They need to be that way again and 3) They aren't...fix it.

I start with the A post and trying to compare the two sides, ignoring any influence that I may have had welding it in in the wrong spot. Immediately, I see the flange where the door rubber would go is different.

Some gap issues there on the seams. Need to close that up.

Nice and clean on this side...

I tried to make the driver's side match the passengers. It worked out pretty well, but, in summary, I don't really solve any problems here as the gaps were still way too big, or small, than I wanted to see.

Gap at the B post top...about 0.4 inches.

Gap at the bottom of the A post. Funny how the top of the B post and bottom of the A post see the same gap. Hmm....

After that, and still contemplating the inevitable solution of undoing the bottom A post installation, I moved on to something that I could actually accomplish without undoing something that I had already done. Or at least I thought (more later). My intention, though, was to start repairing the bottom front of the rear wing.

Lots of missing metal here. Need to fix that, obviously.

My fix. There are actually three separate pieces here, in a U-shape, sorta.

How that U-shape piece will fit up.
How that piece does fit up.

Same piece, but from the side of the car.

I stopped at this point, based on the time. It was a good effort, but in the end, it was futile as I didn't have a contour gauge that would allow me to properly compare the two sides of the car. My "eyeball" wasn't good enough and I had to remove this patch and do another one. That worked, though, but you'll have to wait on that write-up. Cheers!

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