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Saturday, September 6, 2014


Using a brake line that came (extra) with the car, I was able to pop the pistons out. They are NOT in good shape and will not be reused.

Contraption used for finally popping out the pistons.
It was a little bit tricky getting the pistons out. This is the first time that I've dealt with a dual-piston caliper. The grease worked great, but on only one piston at a time. I used a C-clamp to stop the movement of one in favor of the other. This worked until the C-clamp was bigger than the space between the pistons and they were still in there. So, I popped one out and, because I knew that I wouldn't be reusing them, I knocked the remaining one out with a hammer and punch.
Cylinders...not pretty. After cleanup had lots of pits.

As for the calipers....jury is still out and they are soaking overnight. I'm leaning towards no, but we'll see once I get them cleaned up.

Clutch and brake pedal assemblies all done!
I also finished up the clutch and brake pedal assemblies...now to get them back into the car, which will require some surface prep and primer spraying for under the dash and the mounting areas in the engine compartment...again, not a permanent fix but one that will prevent further corrosion.

I promised the boys I would take them fishing tomorrow, so I don't expect much work on the car. I don't have a job start date yet, though, so Monday should be a productive day. I want to get the pedals back in, get the accelerator pedal out, cleaned, primed and painted and then back in, too. All of this because, on Tuesday, I expect my box from SpitBits. I thought all of the goodness in this box may get me able to take the car around the block, but I think the brakes (and maybe the clutch slave cylinder) will prevent this. But, we'll see!

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