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Monday, September 22, 2014

Windscreen...Take 2

And...failed again.This time, however, I really did a number on the windscreen seal. Nice long tear about 6" or so. But, I was willing to do that today. I had two helpers pressing down firmly, so I decided to take a chance. I got about 3" away from where the screen starts to take a turn up the passenger's side and the tear started. Maybe next time I'll start from the top and try to work my way down.  Anyway, this windscreen rubber came with the car, so I wasn't as concerned about it. It had a lot of what looked like old adhesive in the joints so I'm not sure that it wasn't used before.
But, I ordered another just today from The Roadster Factory (going to try someone new this time), along with some other things of course. We'll see how long it take it to get to southeastern CT from where they are in PA (about 450 miles away).

I was able to install the new-to-me hard brake line for the driver's rear drum brake. Unfortunately, the line probably should be about an inch longer or so...I cannot bolt up the 3-way splitter using the installed hanger as the pipes are arranged right now. I didn't want to stress anything too much or take any chances, so I left the splitter as it was. So, in the future, I'll either make my own line or purchase one...but for now I think it will work just fine.

New hard line from splitter to mount. Dirty-birdy back there. Differential oil or something.
That was about it. I think I've had it with the standing grease on the car. I have no drips on the driveway so I am confident she isn't actively leaking anything, but there is years of typical grime/grease that, frankly, annoys me. Still waiting on parts so I don't really have all that much to do tomorrow, so I think I may take the pressure washer to it along with some Purple Power pre-treating. We'll see how it goes!

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