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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Facing My Fears (Unrelated)

As with most people, I tend to only be afraid of things that can actually kill me. I don't like climbing under the car when the jack stands are low and I don't really care for heights. A generous friend of mine granted his middle-son's birthday wishes and took him and several of his friends (my son included) to an adventure park today. This is where you climb around in the tree tops, sometimes as high as 45ft above ground. However, based on the kids' age (and thankfully), we were limited to around 25ft.
Harnessed-up, ready to go. He was much happier than this picture implies.

"Of course, my friend, I will help you with the kids and ensure their safety and fun and be "the other parent" who helps you out to make sure the birthday goes off good!" Of course, that meant that I would have to follow these boys along on their fearless trek in the tree tops.
Pretty much high enough, thanks. Perspective is hard here...this is about 20ft.
Truthfully, I didn't look down that much and it wasn't too bad. There were times, however, like the tight-rope, that I was none-too-happy. The zip lines were A LOT of fun and made the other not-so-fun stuff more than worth it.
The tight-rope. Yup, almost fell here.

This one was around 15ft up...not too bad...I'm behind my boy.
As a side note, there were four levels of "fun" at the park...yellow (easy), green (middle), blue (moderate) and black (hard). Reminded me of ski slope ratings and, without looking it up, may be just like them. Based on the kids' age, we were limited to yellow and green. Let me tell you, the green was good for me. Call me a wimp or whatever you want, but there you go. I probably could do blue, but only if I didn't have to worry about anyone but me. Black...yeah, good luck to you!
The gang...post adventure.
All-in-all, a good time. I don't think I've ever had adrenaline run through my body for that long, so I'm pretty worn out tonight. Everyone had fun, returned home safely...important stuff.

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