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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Transmission Disassembly Begins

I started tearing apart the tranny. So far, I haven't done anything that isn't easily reversible, but tonight I found some damage that will need to be addressed.

The release lever came out with no problem and the clutch housing separted without issue. The throw-out bearing doesn't look too good, however and its rotation feels like there is a bunch of sand in there, so it will get replaced.
Release lever and throw-out bearing. Note the scrape damage on the right from the clutch.

Dirty, but off.
With the entering argument that I've never had a gearbox apart, my initial (and cursory) inspection of the internals did not reveal any damage. The driveshaft and output shaft both turned smoothly and there was no fore-to-aft play, though I did not engage any gears.

Turns out there was fluid in the bottom of the case, but probably not as much as there should have been. I figured this out when a bunch leaked out all over my bench (but not onto the garage floor!!). The lower portion of the gears of the countershaft were submerged enough to pick oil up and transfer it around to the other gears.
Bell housing removed. Note the rust on the drive shaft. Lack of use, I'm thinking.
I was able to get the rear nut off with no issue (once I figured out a good way to stop gearbox rotation) and, after some more-than-expected coaxing with a mallet, the rear extension as well. I couldn't get the speedometer gear-thing out, but I didnt try very hard and I'm not too worried about that.
Securing the transmission from turning to loosen the drive shaft nut.
Rear transmission extension.
Tonight I performed a more intensive inspection of the gearbox and was able to find some damage. While I am not convinced that it is the source of my noise (this is the 3rd/top synchro hub and my noise is in first gear), it is obviously not good and will require replacement.
3rd/Top gear synchro hub.
I also wanted to get the clutch off, but the motor turned as soon as I tried to loosen a bolt...duh. Couldn't come up with a quick way to prevent the motor from turning (I don't have a socket as big as the crank pulley) so I stopped for the night. Guess I'm going to get to learn how to tear apart and rebuild a transmission!

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