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Monday, April 27, 2015

Oh, And...

Good before and after for my instrument cluster...not much work if you are thinking about doing it yourself!
Not that it's really all that important, but I just noticed an interesting differnce between these two pictures, outside of the obvious...the tachometer yellow and redlines are differnt. I assume the first picture, being from my Mk2, is a Mk2 tach. In the second one, I must have refurbished my Mk1 tach from the black car, hence the 500 RPM lower redline. In my quick image research for this, I also found that the Mk3 speedometer goes to 120 MPH vice 110 MPH, which supports the strongest engine of the line. On a side note, I had previously determined that the coolant temperature guage was different between the Mk1 and Mk2, with the Mk1 having "breaks" in the white bar while the Mk2 was a continuous line (like shown below). Just more subtle changes in the car line.

After...though not installed.

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