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Monday, April 27, 2015

I Have No Idea What I'm Doing...And That's Okay With Me!

Continued the dismantling of the transmission tonight. A bit of progress, including finding some more damage. I've been trying to follow the workshop manual as best a I can, but special tools (they are all named after some guy Churchill...must have been someone important to the Brits) are called out and I'm leery to be too aggressive and break something. Though whole transmissions seem to be readily available, the internals; not so much and part prices add up quick.

Anyway, the first thing was to pull the counter-shaft and this was easily accomplished after removal of the peg bolt. The counter-shaft cluster gear just kinda falls into the bottom of the gearbox, awaiting liberation after removal of the main shaft stuff...decidedly more difficult.

I deviated from the manual here and kinda took prisoners as I could. The main shaft bearing pushed right out with some mild coaxing from a drift punch...thankfully. Wish I could say the same for the input shaft!
Mainshaft bearing (center) out. The gear is the rear side of the 1st/2nd Hub Assy.
With the main shaft bearing removed, I was able to have some movement room on the main shaft gears. I was able to tilt and otherwise get out the damaged 3rd/4th synchro assembly.
Damaged assembly just prior to removal. Synchro ring already removed.
Once this was out, further dis-assembly pretty much stopped. I did remove the reverse gear, shaft, and actuator, but this was relatively easy. I have a feeling this may be a pain to put back in due to the obvious adjustment opportunities on the actuator, but we'll see.

The part of the main shaft where that the needle bearing "surrounds".
I did locate some additional damage. There is a Torrington needle roller bearing that looks like it should ride inside the input shaft and have the male end of the main shaft mount inside of it (that's a bit racy of a description!).  In the picture directly above, you can see where I think it should fit over the main shaft. I say "think" because in the picture below (the reverse view of the above pic), you can see what is left of said needle bearing sitting inside of the input shaft.

Needle bearing husk? Inquiring minds want to know!

What's left of the needle bearing after removal.
My concern is that the total destruction of the needle bearing tells me one of two things. Either it wasn't put in there in the first place / installed horribly wrong OR that the clearances/tolerances of the gearbox are so bad that it literally ate the bearing up. I'm hoping its the first because I think I can fix that. The second option may lead me to look for a new gearbox.

That was the extent of my "excavation". Some quick pointers from my favorite forum and I'm just going to go for it with the main shaft circlip. They should not be re-used, so I don't care if I destroy it as longs as I don't destroy anything else on its way out.

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