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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Seat Restoration Part 3

I'll have to start combining these posts or it's going to run into the dozens, I think! A little bit of work today. I went for a run earlier in the morning to avoid the heat, but I didn't avoid it too much. By the time I was ready to start working the seat, the temperature had climbed well into the 80's with humidity at around 230%, I think. I was sweating into my safety glasses. Painful.

But, I was able to start the clean up of the seat bottom. I drilled out all of the rivets that were used, in combination with spot welds, to attach the seat back to the bottom. I then took a grinding stone to the remaining stuff to remove as much seat back metal as I could. All of the work was done with my Dremel using their EZ Lock cut off wheels (expensive, but they do work good) and aluminum oxide grinding stone. Turns out the stone, however it is attached to the shank, it heat sensitive. I got it so hot but not stopping that I caused the adhesive to melt away, wrecking the bit.

This is the metal rod part that broke. Notice the end of one rivet to its right.
I think this is the seat hook attachment, but I'm not positive since I don't have them. I had to drill out one of the spot-welds to get it off.
All rivets drilled out and most seat back metal removed.

This is the seat back metal behind that seat hook bar-thing. Need to grind this out still.

Again, still some grinding to do.
That was all I got done before the heat became too much and I went inside. I guess I could have done this stuff in the garage, but it makes a real mess and, with an attached garage, I didn't want to suffer the wrath of the wife for making too much of a mess!

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