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Monday, March 6, 2017

Triumph Spitfire Engine Rebuild #14 - Water Pump / Pump Body

This will be quick as it was simply a clean and assemble job. In my quest to convert the Mk1 motor to a Mk2 motor, the water pump body needed to be changed. With the Mk2, the intake manifold changed design and now incorporated a water pass-through into the cooling water circuit. The water pump body accomplished this by providing an outlet at the top, under the elbow. A new water pump body was easily obtained via my favorite forum's Buy/Sell/Trade section.

As it arrived. Pretty good shape, actually.

Following some love and attention from a wire wheel.

The thermostat elbow prior to cleaning. I left it dull, but got the crud off.

I got it all cleaned up and then applied my normal two coats of primer and two coats of low-gloss black.


I cleaned up and installed the outlet fitting for the manifold and the inlet fitting for the coolant return pipe. I also installed a new temperature sending unit.

The coolant outlet fitting and sending unit.

I cleaned up and reinstalled the water pump studs and used Permatex Thread Sealant with PTFE to prevent any leakage.

Water pump studs and the thread sealant.

Following that, a new gasket, sealed with the Gasgacinch gasket sealer.

Gasket installed. I used Gasgacinch on both sides of the gasket and on the body and water pump itself.

With the gasket in, the water pump was installed and bolted down. I couldn't find a torque spec so I used the spec from a similar size bolt and settled on about 15 ft-lbs. Of note, here, the water pump has a weep hole on the bottom so you can see if there is leakage around its seals. The weep hole needs to go on the bottom of the assembly.

The weep hole. This is a new water pump, by the way.

Next up was to install the thermostat. I bought a new one a while ago and needed to get it out of the old body. There was some mysterious growth there, but it cleaned up just fine!

Organic, I suppose. Interesting all the same!

Installation of the elbow with a new gasket completed the job.

All done!

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