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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Roundtail Restoration Update

Hi, everyone. Yes, I am still alive. Unfortunately, life has gotten in the way over the past several days that has impacted my ability to get over to the garage and work on Dorothy. Between my Fit breaking an axle shaft, soccer games, starting a calculus college course (what was I thinking!), and losing power for a few days due to a fall storm, it's been a real challenge to carve out time for restoration work.

Unfortunately, the trend will continue into next week as I go on a business trip on Sunday through Thursday. However, come next weekend, I will hopefully be able to establish my garage routine again and get back to work.

Based on some feedback from a few people on here (thanks, Frank!) and my YouTube channel, I've decided to remove the passenger's outer sill (re-work based on a lesson learned in my last post) and move on to repair of the rear lower wings and boot area. Following that, I intend to land the tub on the fully rebuilt chassis and get it all aligned and set, then fit the doors , the bonnet and the outer sills to ensure that I have a good fit-up all around. That way, if there are corrections to make, I can do it using the outer sill before it's welded up.

That's the plan, anyway. Until next time...

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