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Saturday, September 8, 2018

Triumph Spitfire Metal Work #9 - Bonnet Oil Canning Fix

I took ZERO pictures during my last visit to the garage, but I did get some good work done. Therefore, you'll have to rely on the video to see what I did, but it'll provide a better idea than still images would anyway. To the video:

If you over about 40 or so, you probably remember when motor oil used to come in round metal cans instead of plastic bottles. You may even remember that you had to poke a spout in the top of the can for pouring the oil out.

Ah, the good old days.

The metal in the oil cans was rather thin and, due to rolling it into a can shape, it would "pop" in and out if you pressed on it. This is referred to as oil canning. The video does a good job of showing this here.

Due to years of wear and tear and/or my welding, the metal behind the passenger's side wheel arch had expanded, causing the oil canning.

The affected area (no paint).

The goal was to shrink the metal back to its original state. There are a few methods for doing this. You can "cold" shrink it using a dinging spoon and dolly or you can "heat" shrink it using some heat source, such as a propane torch or shrinking disc.

I initially tried the cold shrinking but I didn't get anywhere, so I switched to using my shrinking disc and it worked great! Again, the video does a good job of showing this.

Otherwise, there wasn't a whole lot of excitement, hence the lack of pics. Most of the rest of the night was spent cleaning and prepping rusty surfaces (not many, thankfully) to get it ready for epoxy. One of these days, I might actually get it sprayed!

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