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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Boot Build Primer & Metal Work - Triumph Spitfire Restoration

Sorry folks,  but not a whole lot of excitement with this one. I say this every time, but I really need to get better at taking stills. I'll apologize again. Anyway, pretty short video, so here it is:

First off, if you are reading this, you are probably one of my more devoted subscribers (or a member of my family - hi, Mom!) and you may have noticed that there are now ads in my YouTube videos now. I have no control over any of the ads that you see but eventually, they will make me money, so I appreciate your patience.

Anyway, like I said, not all that exciting this time around. Just finished up the build primer application and blocking down on the boot lid.

Boot lid in build primer.

It needs another round of build primer, but as I write this (11/8), I may decide to go back and just strip that darn thing back down and start all over with it. I'm just not happy with the waviness and imperfections in it, but I may accept it anyway. Still thinking on it.

For the driver's door, I got most of the metal work done on it as best I could. There were some spots that I just couldn't get to due to accessibility or areas that were beyond my capacity to fix (like the dings in the door crease). I was able to do well with the large crease that was in the top front of the door, though I messed up with the camera trying to show it to you in the video. Here's some results:

The lightning bolt of the bad crease in the light (before).

After. Screen capture from the video, but it's better, trust me.

Other than that, really, there wasn't much else. The video will cover more for you, but it was a lot of slapping spoon and dolly work. I am happy with my results with the spoon and I'm hoping that it will do me good when I go to repair the nose of the bonnet.

Final door results with metal work.

And following two wet coats of epoxy.

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