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Sunday, May 19, 2019

More Raptor Liner & Other Things | Roundtail Restoration

Getting caught up here. Among other things, I got Raptor Liner in the boot. I had a bit of a false start on Thursday night, but was able to get it down on Friday, within my epoxy primer window of 7 days. Here's the video. Yes, I'm very proud of the thumbnail.

First thing, I got some of my boot interior stuff in there to see how extensive the Raptor Liner needed to be applied. Ultimately, I just did the whole area as best as I could. I'll need to move into the actual passenger compartment with some red, too, but that's a future me problem.

Along with that prep, I also got on more piece in wrinkle coat (yes, I still love this stuff).

Filler fascia panel.

I got the accelerator linkage painted in semi-gloss flat black, too, but you'll have to watch the video for that.

Moving on from that, I got some more filler down on that one repair on the bonnet (the crack) and also several areas of polyester filler on the body (B-post and back) for spots that needed it or that I missed, minorly, with filler.

In addition, I got the steering column bushings installed in the steering tube. Some issues with them, but nothing that I couldn't come through. Again, the video is the place to go.

For those of you that haven't been through it before, I explained in the video the particulars of how I mixed the Raptor Liner. The data is out there for mixing by weight, which is convenient.

Boot area masked off, clean and ready!

Coat #1. Definitely needs another coat. Lots of hard spots to get to.

First coat on all of the brackets that needed it.

Bulkhead in another coat.

Second coat.

Again, and as usual as of late, the video is better for how this stuff goes down. I'm again very happy with how the Raptor Liner applied and the end result. There will be spots of epoxy primer that show, but I'm okay with that, especially in the boot.

On a separate note, I got some vinyl from Amazon the other day that is as close as I think I can conveniently get to original. I've ordered the vast majority of my interior from Newton Commercial (via Rimmer Bros). The vinyl grain is important, on some level, and not easily available. The only things that I'll be doing on my own are the crash pads under the dash (minor) and the dash itself (not so minor). Here's some comparison shots:

Original (but dirty) grain from Dorothy.

Grain from Newton Commercial stuff.

Grain from the Amazon stuff. More snake skin, I guess. Not perfect, but good enough.

That's all, and now I'm caught up. More work to follow and thanks for reading and watching!

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