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Sunday, June 2, 2019

British by the Sea 2019

As usual, I attended the annual British by the Sea gathering today at Harkness Memorial State Park in Waterford, CT. It was a great turnout. Last I heard the announcer, they were over 300 cars, but I don't know the final count. I got there at 1030 and left around 1230 and, as usual, had a great time.

I also scored an original Lucas side view mirror, so that was nice!

The field upon my arrival, looking from the front towards the back. The weather got nicer and the field got more full!

An Allard.

Jaguar F-type with huge front brake discs.

A very clean TR6 engine bay (1971, I think it was).

1963 Spitfire "barn find". Comm # was around 7000, so an early example.

TR-250 side markers on a TR4 (?).

TR4 front bonnet.

Nice TR3. There seems to be fewer and fewer of these each year...wonder why?

Engine bay of same TR3. Modified, of course!

Austin Healey 100-6. Pretty color and nice tires complete the look.

Badge of the A-H.

Interior of one of the few Triumph Stags there. Very nice.

"Release the Kraken!". Always a good show of old, bulky Land Rovers.

A very nicely restored example.

Field a little later, shown from the back looking towards where my first field picture was.

A nice Lotus Esprit Turbo. I remember having a poster of this car on my wall as a kid! 

A British flag "built in" to this Mini's rear tail light. Cool touch.

The car with definitely the most personality at the show.

A Mini race car.

Nash Healey. Don't know anything about these, but it was very nice.

Quarter view of the same Nash Healey.

The badge of the original AC Bristol convertible that showed up.

MGB. Yes, that's it's original color. No idea that it was offered, but he had the documentation.

MG-TF, I think. 

Spare plugs? Maybe they are of a different temperature?

Morgan...cap and goggles, of course.

Front of a TVR, circa 1971-ish.

The motor of same TVR. Looks like a TR6 motor.

Pretty color on this MGA.

My side view mirror. Yay me!

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