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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Four Days Gone...

On Friday, I turned the frame over to allow me better access to the mounting bolts of the differential. I had already removed the transverse leaf spring and its mounting studs that screw into the top of the differential because the studs came first, not the bolts. "Whatever," I thought, "the spring is out". Turns out, those stud holes go all the way into the differential. In other words, they can act as auxiliary drain holes. Which they did...all over my driveway...wife NOT happy. I grabbed the first thing I could find in my garage to catch the oil...an old cast iron frying pan. Thankfully is was pretty cold and the oil didn't run down the driveway but just puddled up. Kitty litter to the rescue!

My "oil pan". Good seasoning for a cast-iron frying pan!
While I didn't get everything done I wanted to over this holiday weekend, it wasn't too bad. I was able to balance my goals with the car with the goals of my wife (family stuff) so it worked out just fine. With the help of my Father-in-Law, I was able to get the stripped frame to the back yard. The differential remains intact <aarrrgh, still!>, but I got some new weapons (HF 4lb sledge) to coax it off. I also purchased a pickle fork to try and get my tie rods off...we'll see how that works.

Center is the sleeve...left and right are the bushings that are seized (I think).
All in all, not too bad. Hopefully the weather will hold out for a few more weekends. I'm trying to get as much done outside as I can before I'm restricted to the garage...where there's not a lot of room.

Two future me problems:
- Using the house's main joist that is in the ceiling of the garage (split-level or raised ranch, as your preference) to remove the motor from the red car, and
- Removing the red car's tub, essentially discarding it and merging her frame with the black car's tub. I love logistics!

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