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Saturday, November 8, 2014

More Generosity

Few things today after another long no-show. First, it's my birthday today and my wife got me the Best. Cake. Ever.

You may remember the very generous gentleman who provided me with my new-to-me boot lid. I accepted his generous offer to take the rest of the car and after a U-Haul rental and a 3 hour round trip, it was in my driveway. He had originally purchased it to do an engine swap and had started frame modifications. Unfortunately, the project turned out bigger than he wanted. But, not before he did a lot of repairs to the tub, most of which I would have had to do to my '66. So, I'll be swapping tubs and stripping other tidbits off of the "new" car as it's mostly complete except for an engine, gearbox and interior.

I also got two more doors (better shape), a Mk1 radiator (maybe now I can convert my Mk1 engine BACK to a Mk1) and various other parts. The best part, tho, is the steel hardtop. It needs some love, but the glass is good and it doesn't appear that actual metal has been lost from rust.

#2. A '64 Mk1 this time.
Once again, I'm very excited to get some work done, which will begin tomorrow with starting the tear down process. Unfortunately, with #1 in the garage, there is no where to put #2 except in the driveway. With winter on the way and, more importantly, the car disturbing the boy's basketball court, I need to get it stripped pretty quick. Because of a fence that I don't really want to tear apart, not to mention some shrubbery, I really can't get the car to the back yard or that's where she would be. The wife is supportive, but her teeth are clenched a little bit this time, so I can't mess around with this one.


  1. Pretty decent score, Chris. Lot's of good parts on that one. The rocker looks iffy on this side, though. Hopefully just surface rust?

  2. Hazen,
    Yes, that's all surface rust. He replaced the interior rocker, inner support, and exterior rocker on both sides. He even gave me a CAD drawing that he did with measurements before and after so he could ensure he kept the body straight so I'm confident he did a good job.