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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Triumph Spitfire Engine Rebuild #4

Happy New Year, everyone. Hope you have all recovered from whatever festivities you participated in and that you are all off to a good start!

As for me, I spent the afternoon in the garage going to town on cleaning up the block. I placed an order on Christmas Day for a bunch of stuff, some of which arrived on New Year's Eve and the rest I expect to arrive near the end of this week or early next. Unless I missed something, it should bring me through the engine refresh...but you know how that goes.

Post-pressure wash but pre-wire wheel.

Cast stampings. Pretty cool, especially the screws that held the negative of the casting stamp.

This was pretty brainless work that was basically just me and my trusty Harbor Freight 4 1/2-inch Angle Grinder with a Knotted Cup Brush. I got as much cleaned up as I could with that and shifted to a Wire Cup Brush and my drill for the tighter spots.

It made quite the mess with the remaining gasket material that I didn't fully remove.

She's going to need a really good cleaning before any assembly happens!

I also chased all of the threads with a bit of WD-40 and my thread cleaner (did I mention how much I love that kit). 

Thread cleaning in action. This is the water plug for the block.


Another post-cleaning shot.

That was really about it. Like I said, not much going on. I did a lot of clean up and odds and ends around the garage so my actual work time wasn't all that much. It is tedious work and it sucks down some time, though, so be prepared.

The next week or so will bring some scheduling challenges so I'm not sure how much garage time I'll get. Until next time...

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