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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Triumph Spitfire Interior Purchase

As promised, I am doing a quick write-up on the interior that I got the other day and the amount of money that I spent going through Rimmer Bros. as opposed to someone on this side of the pond.

My prices for domestic are about what you can expect, no sale, averaged between a few places. My prices for Rimmer's are what I paid for this particular order, which included a 17% off sale and an exchange rate of about $1.24 per pound.

All of the interior, as far as I could figure, was from Newton Commercial, a company out of the UK, which makes some high quality stuff that's very original. I believe that most domestic suppliers also supply stuff from Newton Commercial as well, so you should get the same stuff if you order. The only stuff that may be different is if you do NOT get a moulded carpet set.

So, with that, here you go, all prices rounded to the nearest dollar:

Item:                                                Rimmers:     Domestic:
Moulded Carpet Kit (Black)           $296            $575
Handbrake Gaiter                            $10               $12
Radiator Deflector Boards (both)   $36              $40              (I'm not positive these are the same item)
Spare Wheel Cover                         $38              $50
Door Caps (both)                            $31              $58
Boot Mat                                         $20              $37
Boot Back Board                            $25               $45
Door Panels (both)                         $100           $160
Rear Cockpit Panel                         $68             $108
Wheel Arch Kit                              $100           $155

Totals:                                            $724            $1240

Total savings, before shipping, was about $516, or about 40% (think I did that math right). Shipping cost me about $130; it shipped Wednesday and was here on Friday. I didn't need this stuff that quick, but that's quicker than anywhere else I get parts from domestically.

There you go. My comparison is a bit unfair, again, because I'm showing you sale prices for what I paid against catalog price averages for domestic suppliers. But, if you pick you battle, I just don't know why you wouldn't go to Rimmer's during a sale, especially since it's the same stuff and the exchange rate now saves you 15% right off the bat.


  1. I've been doing some comparison shopping too, and don't know how Rimmer Bros. does it so cheaply. Enjoy your new interior!

    1. I don't, either. Maybe resellers over here have to Mark it up a lot for customs charges?