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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Triumph Spitfire Body Repair #20 - Old Frame In / Passenger's Floor Out

I've finally got caught up with my posts, so here's the most recent video in all its glory. Some actions shots in there of my #1 son welding and cutting out the passenger's floor. Happy that he's coming with me, even though I can't always keep him occupied.

#1 was a big help today and had him doing a lot of stuff from welding to grinding to cutting to...lots of stuff. I think he enjoyed it! I didn't spend a whole lot of time over there, but with his help, I got as much done as I was hoping to as mentioned in the beginning of the video.

After some adjustments to the sawhorses to make them equal height, thereby making the body equal height, we were able to get them all back together and lift the body up and onto them one end at a time. Lucky for me the boot floor isn't really attached to anything so the extreme angle that the body was at with the front on the sawhorses and the rear on the floor wasn't a big deal 😳

Body up on sawhorses. Son is test fitting door support metal.

Rear mounting spot just before the frame dips down to keep it all level.

I put #1 on welding up the angle iron to support the passenger's side door gap. I had cut into this piece before but wanted to save a bit, so he welded it back together for me!

He's not boxing...it's thumbs up, ready to weld.

While he was doing that, I was cutting and test fitting the dash support piece that will go from the heelboard to the dash top to prevent the dash from drooping when I eventually remove the lower A post for replacement.

Showing mounting point at the dashboard.

Showing mounting point at heelboard. I moved this over on the other side of the radius arm mounting bracket to prevent interference in case I needed to replace said bracket.

How it will look.

And then it was on to cutting out the floor. I followed the same method as the driver's side (#1 was doing the cutting) and just, well, cut. I used the sawzall to get in the corners that the grinding wheel wouldn't fit into and gave #1 issues. Why is it so much easier to cut out then put in? Oh, that's right, the laws of thermodynamics (entropy)!

The rough cut line for removing the floor.

Floor removed.

Another shot of floor removed. You can see final mounting point of dash support piece here at the heelboard.

Other side of the floor removed.
That was about it for the day. The ice cream, from Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream, was awesome as always. Thankfully, we are close enough to downtown Mystic, CT, which is absolutely crazy with tourists this time of the year, that a 20 minute bike ride gets us down there. No parking worries!

Cheers and thanks for all of the YouTube visits of late. While it may not seem like much in the grand scheme of Elin Yakov (or PewDiePie), 57 subscribers is pretty awesome! I'll keep posting videos...just wish I had adopted thar format earlier!

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