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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Carb Rebuild

Decided the start the carb tear down, clean up and rebuild today. I ordered the rebuild kits and some other things from SpitBits. So, with this order, I will be able to rebuild both brake and clutch master cylinders, clutch slave cylinder (I didn't look at it, but the rebuild kit is only $5.50 and, given the condition of the clutch master cylinder, I am assuming it won't hurt), both front brake calipers, fix the super-sloppy shifter, the carbs and replace the rubber around the windshield (the PO already had the shield rubber and the chrome surround, I just got the windshield frame to body rubber because it was pretty shot, too.

So, because I've never worked on SU carbs before, I've been taking lots of pictures. Right now, all I have is "befores". I've started with the aft carb first - 50/50/90. It took me three hours to clean up the common linkage (bottom pic) and the choke linkage (top pic, still mostly attached). So, yes, slow going, but I figured as much.
Side view of aft carb...some choke elements removed.

Top view of common accelerator linkage
Tomorrow I plan to finish up with the aft carb. With the rebuild kit coming, however, it will probably be until next week until I'm ready to fully reassemble them, depending on how long the stuff takes to get here, so no trying to start her for a while.

In the meantime, I intend to get the transmission tunnel cover removed and get a look at the tranny, get the brake and clutch pedal assemblies prepped and painted (got my Rustoleum today!) and get primer down on the engine compartment side of the master cylinders where years of leaking brake fluid have resulted in no paint and, therefore, some rust.

I also bought some wire today to fix the wiring "anomalies". The one female blade connector that I need is 3/8" wide...not a normal size for the big box stores, so I have to see if Radio Shack has it (wow, did I just say that?!)

Anyway, more to follow. And, I'll try and work on the picture quality. My little point and shoot doesn't like to do closeups that way that I have it set up. Guess I need to look into that.

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