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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Slow Going

Well, unfortunately, not a whole lot of progress today. Family obligations took until mid-afternoon. I troubleshot, unsuccessfully, the ignition problem. So rusty with remembering how to do this stuff.
You can tell when an engine wants to start...it will catch or otherwise not just smoothly turn over. In my experience, when the engine does nothing EXCEPT smoothly turnover, there is no spark (assuming you are using starting fluid to give her some help). So, that's where I am now...no consistent spark. Funny, because before I checked the static timing yesterday, I had consistent spark. So, I either fried (or partially fried) the coil by leaving the ignition on (I'm hotwiring it, remember) or did something else. My guess is the later since it will spark sometimes. I did not test the coil but will do that first thing tomorrow.

I think I've freed up the forward carb piston enough to make her work, but they both need to be rebuilt. Depending on the level of rebuild I want to do, kits seem to go from about $50 to north of $160. But, before I break into that project, I'd like to get the motor running.

So, after I gave up on the ignition, I removed the brake and clutch master cylinders in preparation for their rebuild. They are pretty gummed up and will require some love...may purchase new ones outright, but not ready to give up on them before I even try.

I also removed the starter solenoid and associated electronics in the immediate vicinity to get that area forward of the firewall all cleaned up. Brake fluid from both master cylinders have, over the years, totally eaten away the paint so I need to get some rust converter down in that area.
My neighbor's brother, an amateur photography, was kind enough to take some before pictures for me. I didn't really take any good pics today (or yesterday), so I will provide those instead.
Me and the girl...and my oldest in the passenger's seat.

What a beautiful nose!

The power house...and so much room!

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