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Friday, September 5, 2014

Brake Calipers

My kingdom for a 3/8"-24 grease fitting.
Not much new progress today. I got all of the pieces finally painted that I was working on yesterday, but, again, did not uncover the car. Got started on playing with the brake calipers and could not come up with a way to get grease into it to pop the pistons out.
The threading of the bleed screw (and the brake line connection) is 3/8"-24. This is an odd size for grease fittings, I guess. So, I either need to find a bleed screw that matches that thread size/pitch but with a smaller nipple that will take a grease gun OR I need to find a grease fitting with that thread pitch.
I've found the grease fitting, but not locally and I hate to order a $0.69 part and have it shipped...for probably $5 at least.
So, stuck right now, but still brain storming.

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