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Thursday, September 4, 2014

More Progress

Before and after clutch/brake pedals.
Made more progress today with overall cleanliness of the car. Cleaned up, primed and painted both interior pedal supports, both pedals and the heater valve support (for a valve that I don't have, turns out...another PO modification related to the engine swap).
In hindsight, I should have used a wire hanger of some sort, and not string, to suspend the parts...they blew around too much in the light breeze we had here today.  So, not my best paint job ever. But, then again, unless I crawl under the dash, I will never see this stuff again, so I'm not all that concerned. Lesson learned for more important painting tasks to come, however.
Brake master cylinder housing (passenger compartment side).
Brake/clutch pedals all painted and pretty.
Heater valve bracket (left) and clutch pedal housing, both pre-paint.
I didn't even uncover the car today, so all of the cleaning and prep was done on the front step while the painting was done out back...hanging the pieces from the clothesline.  I also went back the NAPA and bought some rubber gas line (didn't like the stuff the PO had on there...very stiff) and some vacuum tube (old stuff was shot).

Years of neglect for a clutch master cylinder.
I also was able to break apart the last master (clutch) cylinder. This one, was, by far, the worst of the bunch. Instead of coming out together, the internals all came out in three pieces, just like the picture shows. I don't think this one will be first choice to rebuild.

I also took another look at the front brake calipers. They are a little more beat up than I thought (sorry, no pics yet) around the lip where the rubber dust seals attach. Looks like some of the lip, on both calipers, has been broken off in one spot on each by over-zealous attempts to remove the pistons (which means I may be looking at new (or rebuilt) calipers). I'm soaking them and probably will for a while. I don't have an air compressor to pop out the pistons, so I am going to have to set up a bench system and push them out hydraulically (it works in my head, so we'll see).

Otherwise, that's about it. I am a day closer to getting my box from SpitBits which means, until then, it's not really worth it to make effort at starting the car (except to clean that last carb up...damn).

So, tomorrow, I intend to do the same cleaning and painting to the master cylinder supports in the engine compartment. I also have to clean up and prime that area of the body itself...it's not too pretty, but not rusted through...just on the surface.  But, this is more preventative then corrective, however, since I will be doing it "right" in the future with the body, just not the foreseeable future.

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