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Monday, September 1, 2014


With an attached, single car garage, I'm leaving the car in the driveway for now to work on. I'm less apt to track stuff into the house, the kids can get to their bikes and stuff and this method otherwise keeps family relations in good standing. It's hot here today, however, and once the sun came over the house and hit the driveway, it got pretty bad. Too bad to continue work, so I've stopped for the day. I did get some stuff accomplished, however.

Thanks to help from my oldest son, I've finished cleaning the aft carb. I'll start the forward one tomorrow and then get them re-assembled as much as possible while waiting on the rebuild and jet kits from SpitBits (wonder how long that will take to get to CT from California. How cool would SpitBits Prime be??).

Muuuch better.
I also took some pictures of the transmission cover that I mentioned yesterday. Like I said, I think the underside is original (though it's coming apart as I try to get the sealant the PO used off of it and that wasn't sealing anything anymore) including the heat blanket...greasy, but original.
Underside of transmission cover.

Top of transmission cover, with custom fiberglass reinforcement with embedded foil...must have been quite a project!
Nothing else today, really. Tomorrow I have to go clothes shopping, with the wife, for my new job. Say what you will about the military, but at least I always knew what I was wearing to work!

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