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Monday, September 8, 2014

Slow Day

Driver's side of firewall pre-priming.
Not a whole lot accomplished today. I did, however, get to cleaning up and priming the firewall area around the pedals...at least from the top. I'll try to get to the inside of the car tomorrow, but we'll see.  I was also able to fish the portion of the wiring harness that had the fried wire back into the passenger compartment, enabling me to totally paint the area, making it MUCH easier than I was afraid it was going to be. Now, also, I may be able to do some more with the harness; but again, do I want to open that can of worms?
So, it doesn't look pretty and it's obviously not factory color, but it is clean and should be ready for taking the master cylinders and associated stuff as I get it ready to go back in.

Driver's side firewall post-priming.

Also, after soaking them for about 36 hours, I took a look at my brake calipers. Uh, not too pretty (that's one of them, a better one, below). I'm still going to clean them up and such, but I'm not too confident that they will take a rebuild...or at least one that I trust to be effective and lasting.  Looks like the face of the moon, doesn't it?

Brake calipers post-soak. Yuck!

Other than that, I started cleaning up the forward carb. This one is in much worse shape than the aft carb...maybe that's why it wasn't working too well. I don't see any damage or anything, but I'm not sure the forward and aft carbs came off the same engine...they just seems much different in cleanliness level to be in the same engine compartment their whole lives. I got everything cleaned up except the actual body and decided to let that sit the whole night in some degreaser - there is some serious road/grease grime on the body. And, if UPS is correct, I should be getting my first SpitBits order tomorrows. I ran the gamut of things that I could think of.  Rebuild kits, transmission "sloppy-ness" rebuild kit, carb seals, and some various other things.  More stuff to order, however, and my wishlist is filling up nicely!

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