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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Clutch Master Cylinder

Actually put things back together today vice took them apart.
Manly Workbench.
First, I made most of my workbench. Still have to mount the vice to it and put a 2x4 across the back, but otherwise it's done. I was going to make this elaborate fold-away thing that I could attach to the retaining wall...but, the sawhorse idea (thanks to my oldest) is much more simple and elegant. And, I can then move it inside the garage if the weather gets ugly.

The Pedals are together again...and with nice "T" pedal rubber.
I put the brake and clutch pedals back in, along with the mounting brackets for the master cylinders. You'll notice that the clutch pedal moves up "higher" than the brake pedal. There is a corresponding notch in the metal opening were the top of the pedal moves into the engine compartment to connect to the clutch master cylinder. Not quite sure why this is like this...I didn't notice it until I put it all back in. Doesn't seem to be any adjustment, but I'll take a look later.

Clutch master ready for rebuild kit.
I moved on to rebuilding the clutch master cylinder. Here's all the parts cleaned up and ready to go in (rebuild kit parts not shown).
Happy Clutch Master Cylinder.
And, here it is all back together. The movement is very smooth and the piston actually pops right back out to the stop instead of getting stuck completely. Only one extra part after this job...that black washer. Pretty sure that's the cap washer but it must be for a slightly smaller cap. The kit came with two of them...can't think of anything else it may be.

And that's really about it. The carbs are still kicking my butt. I think that I may have been better off if I had just left them on the car. Now they are slowly oozing fuel out of the jets and it is also pooling in the suction throat of the forward carb...which makes no sense because that is a total disregard for gravity...unless it's wicking up the jet? I did try and start it again today, but only a few times. I loosened the distributor and turned it while trying to start her to see if I could get lucky. No change in engine behavior, so I don't think timing is the problem. Going to actually have to sit down and make a list of what it can be and eliminate them one at a time.

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